Refine & Refresh:
Under The Table

After 3 years in business, Les Bore was looking to refine and elevate his marketing for Under The Table. Once a new strategic direction and plan was in place, the craftsman decided it was time to update his website with a aesthetically pleasing design that reinforced his brand message, while reflecting his target market. 

Under The Table Marketing Plan
Working collaboratively we helped Les refine his marketing direction and re-fresh, not only his website but also his brand.

We were delighted to meet Les, a designer and craftsman who creates unique pieces of furniture from native timbers, particularly ancient swamp kauri. His business was struggling to scale with a lack of direction, and needed help to refine and refresh. 

With the backing of Māori Business Response Tāpoi, Les was able to approach TopGate Marketing to assist with the creation of a Marketing Strategy, brand and website re-design to better reflect and communicate with his target customers. 

Crafting marketing that let business, talent & personality shine through.


Marketing strategy

Our experienced team of marketing professionals helped craft a tailored marketing strategy based on the needs of the business. With our expertise in data interpretation, market research and in-depth business situation analysis, we helped Les define exactly what steps he needed to take to grow his business.


Branding Development

The goal with this project was to help Les build the foundations of his brand, including the elements at the centre of every great brand - their mission, vision and values. As part of that process, we were able to create strong visual brand elements that reinforced his messages and reflected specific aspects of his audience and business needs.


Website re-design

After 3 years' in business, Les, needed a fresh website look to complement the new strategic direction of his business. He wanted to retain his existing search engine ranking while increasing traffic and conversions by improving his website's design, user experience and overall functionality.

The process began by understanding the business’ pain points and core objectives. Together we created a powerful marketing strategy that works against those challenges in order to achieve the business goals – focusing on all aspects of the customer journey, including awareness, consideration, conversion and loyalty. 

Having completed the strategic plan for Les, we were ready to take the next step together with a website re-design that offered a premium user experience, aesthetically pleasing design and search engine optimisation to improve the business discoverability, while complying with Google’s core web vitals. But first, came the branding.

Les was ready to redefine his brand, and it was time to take a serious look at who he was and how he wanted to be seen by the world. The build began with Les’ core messaging and mission statement. With those elements in place, it was easy for us to craft a proper and effective messaging strategy that we were able to reinforce with visual brand elements that matched the new brand personality and core values. 

With a new strategy and brand in place, Les needed a strong, visually pleasing website to reflect who his business is and what he stands for. We felt it was important that the website be clean, modern and above all – honest. We wanted Les’ personality to shine through and for people to feel like he was just a person like them, but who is also clearly a talented craftsman. 

Our goals were to build brand trust and show people what it’s like working with Les through testimonials, humanising his image with real-world images, generating leads and making it easy for him to communicate with them through several different options on the website.


Before & After

Under The Table, now have a website that compliments their brands core messaging and strategic direction with:

  • Clear calls-to-action 
  • Simple navigation
  • Modern and clean aesthetic
  • Defined visual branding
  • Creative & compelling copy
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