Product Launch:

From putting together a carefully crafted brand and launch strategy to implementing an e-commerce website with integrated campaigns, we loved working with our client, Thebasicb, from start to finish as she introduced her brand to the New Zealand market.

With Thebasicb range in production, Megan needed a team to help her launch her product to market.

In the first quarter of 2022, Megan, owner and director of Thebasicb approached us with a desire to launch her brand into the New Zealand market. Her product, an innovative multi-functional maternity and nursing bra range has been in development for the previous 4 years’ after Megan discovered that the most popular maternity and nursing bras out there were more designed for aesthetics than true functionality – with designs full of fiddly clips, padding, cups and wires, there were no real alternatives for busy mothers who wanted simplicity and to remain practical while sticking to their daily routines. 

Providing tailored strategies and resources to launch into the New Zealand market.


Go-to-market strategy

Our team of trained and experienced professionals helped guide Thebasicb into the market with a clear and actionable go-to-market strategy. which focused on leveraging various channels and planforms to help the brand reach its full potential.


Branding Development

Combining strategy, design and language, we created a strong and sustainable brand for Thebasicb with clear guidelines and continuity across all assets including social media, printed collateral, and email marketing.


E-Commerce Web Design

With a clear brand in place, we built an e-commerce website designed for search engines so customers can find thebasicb when they're searching for the products they offer - driving customers through the sales funnel.

Combining our experience, creativity and dedication with Megan’s, we developed a successful go-to-market strategy that provided a clear roadmap for navigating product pricing, target customers, key value propositions and how to leverage them with key channels and platforms.

Launching the Kerikeri based company to market entailed creating a strong website that was attractive to target consumers and integrated with e-commerce functionality for a simple online sale experience. Before the website however, came the brand-development. Our team of designers, developers and copywriters collaborated with Megan to determine the best design for her brand. We provided Megan with clear guidance on every aspect of her brand from colour scheme, fonts and logo design, to formatting and photography choices. With clear guidelines in place, it was simple for Megan to implement a strong visual brand with clear continuity across key channels, which was key for creating recognition and trust for her new business. 

Once launched, TopGate Marketing are pleased to continue supporting thebasicb as the company grows.