Building brand recognition with strategy:
McKernan Contracting

With an increase in competition within their industry and a growing need to stand out from the crowd, TopGate Marketing worked with McKernan to refresh their brand, so that it aligned with their newly created marketing strategy, which focused on meeting their target customers and achieving their goals.

McKernan Brand Planning
In order to increase profits and grow their business, McKernan Contracting worked with TopGate Marketing to help them develop a strategy for success.

McKernan Contracting approached TopGate Marketing through the Regional Business Partner Network to receive capability training that allowed them to gain greater understanding of how to create a successful marketing strategy.

The businesses was in need of assistance with finding their ideal customer, defining the value of their services, and building a marketing strategy that would meet their needs and goals.

TopGate Marketing worked with McKernan Contracting over five weeks, helping them work out their USPs, key value proposition, driving channels and SMART business goals. We then helped them develop a marketing strategy based on these findings.

With a renewed focus on customer satisfaction and quality, McKernan embarked on a second project to refresh their brand image to reflect their new direction.

The development of a new strategy provided a new direction - leading to the refinement of the McKernan brand and messaging.


Marketing Strategy

We helped the team at McKernan understand that each customer journey is unique and important, and that each step in the process can be taken advantage of to help their business succeed. With this understanding in place we worked together to create a defined marketing strategy tailored to their unique goals and target customers.


Branding Refresh

We started by conducting research into the company's market and developing an understanding of what makes them unique. Then we created a positioning statement that will be used throughout all of the company's communication materials. Finally, we designed an updated logo and developed a brand identity that incorporated the logo across different channels, from business cards and letterhead to vehicle wraps and social media content.

The first step of this project was to bring together all members of the business and get them excited about creating their new direction. We made sure that all stakeholders knew what they were trying to accomplish and how it would affect their individual roles within the business. 

We provided training on all elements of marketing strategy that explored the customer journey of their ideal customer from awareness, consideration, conversation and loyalty, demonstrating the importance of each step and how they work together to provide a road map toward business success.

They were able to see how their current marketing efforts could be improved by identifying areas of improvement. They were also able to identify new opportunities for growth by understanding where their customers are in the buying process and how they can influence that stage.

In the second phase, we worked closely with the client to help them build on the success of their first project by ensuring that all aspects of their brand were aligned with their new values and vision. As part of this process, we developed a new positioning statement and developed a visual identity including: logo, colour scheme, typography and guidelines.

The result was a sharper focus on what makes them unique and valuable in the marketplace.

Abbey and Holly from TopGate Marketing helped create a marketing strategy for our business, and we're so glad we found them!

They were able to really understand our needs and come up with solutions that were both relevant to our business, but also within our budget.

They were so easy to work with, and they really listened to what we needed. They responded to emails quickly, made great suggestions, and got back to us right away with any questions we had.

We found the entire team very organized and professional, but they also made our training and planning sessions fun. We enjoyed getting to know them, and we felt like they were part of our team as we worked together to create a plan that would help us reach our goals.

As part of our new strategy TopGate Marketing also helped refreshing our brand image. From brand planning sessions to concept drawings, the team brought our vision to life and we are now looking forward to implementing it on our marketing materials.

If you're looking for someone who's going to put in the work to truly understand your needs, I highly recommend TopGate Marketing!

Ayla Wilson - McKernan Contracting