New Business, new direction:
The Kaeo Bread Company

Purchasing an existing business comes with its own unique set of challenges, especially when you want to modernize the business brand, while paying homage to the existing company. Finding the right balance can be difficult, that’s where TopGate Marketing proudly supported The Kaeo Bread Company.

Purchasing an existing business during a pandemic was both a challenge and opportunity for The Kaeo Bread Company.

Having purchased the business, sign unseen, during the 2021 Covid-19 lockdown, the new owners of The Kaeo Bread Company wanted to bring their own style of baking to their new business without losing what made the previous owners successful. 

To accomplish this, they gave careful consideration to how they would position their new brand. Once they had the business foundation in place, they approached TopGate Marketing to assist in building a new strategic direction that reflected the new owners and their new brand.

Providing tailored strategies and resources to launch a new business.


marketing strategy

Our team of trained and experienced professionals helped The Kaeo Bread Company understand how to achieve their business goals with a clear and actionable marketing strategy that focused on leveraging various channels and planforms to help the brand reach its full potential.


E-Commerce Web Design

With a new, clearly defined marketing strategy in place, one area that felt crucial for the new directors, was to bring the business into the digital space with a new website that also offered e-commerce functionality for selling their products online.

When Serena and Aaron, owners of The Kaeo Bread Company, came to us, they had a clear vision for what they wanted. They knew that they wanted to run a business that would excited people, but they weren’t sure how to get there.

Working first with TopGate director Abbey, the owners were able to speak candidly about their business goals, weaknesses and opportunities, which allowed Abbey to create an in-depth business situation that acted as the foundation for their marketing strategy.

We started by helping them identify their target audience and how best to reach them. We also looked at ways they could increase revenue through new channels and how to bridge the gap with their competitors.

With a solid plan in place, we were able to create a comprehensive marketing strategy that was simple to follow with key marketing activities clearly aligned with core business goals. 

The next step was the website. Serena knew that she needed the website to be more than just a place where people could order bread. She also wanted it to serve as a key driver of many of the activities identified within her marketing strategy.

It had to be quirky, rustic and wonky – just like their bread.

Our team of designers worked with Serena to bring her vision to life using graphics, colors and playful layouts, creating a site that felt fun and inviting -just like the company itself.

I didn’t know we needed TopGate Marketing until I found them - and I’m so glad we did!

I discovered TopGate Marketing through a local women’s support business page, I felt pulled to reach out for a chat – the rest is history, I knew very quickly into our first chat that I wanted our business to work with Abbey and her team.

I’m a gut listener and connection, professionalism with friendliness, genuine interest and excitement and a whole heap of realness is top of my priority list when making a decision to work closely with a business - after all I’m sharing big parts of our business : successes, challenges, ideas and lots more – Abbey and TopGate Marketing ticks all these boxes and some.

Since working with them on our marketing strategy I have a more focused business direction, goals, a clear to do list, lots of neat content, words, quotes etc that were pulled out along the way about our business that we can use on all sorts of our marketing platforms. Our business has a solid ‘how to’ marketing plan I can pick up and run with at any time that suits me. I literally have a printable work book I printed that sits on my desk that I regularly come back to for ideas, inspiration and strategies.

Our weekly check in’s always left me feeling motivated. Abbey offered so much support and shared so many helpful bits of advice (you don’t know what you don’t know!) and her follow up emails were timely and helpful. She’s a great and genuine cheerleader too and loves to make sure we reflect and celebrate our successes – a reminder we all need sometimes.

We now also have a beautiful website ready to launch. I’d personally put this project off for so long because I felt daunted by the project, but the team were reassuring and made it super easy. They made our vision and brief come to life in a way that completely exceeded our vision and expectations.

I have full confidence to continue working with the team on our marketing and design projects, its easy! They get us, they get our vision and have a magic way of supporting us and our growth.

Serena Francis - The Kaeo Bread Company